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Felicity: My stage staying is that we did not really exchange any vows so The full "for much better or for worse" factor will not actually use here.

Oliver: [Voiceover] She claims the island improved me. She has no idea just how much. There are many much more names about the record. Individuals that rule my city by intimidation and panic. Every past one of them will would like I had died on that island.

Felicity: In the event you understood the very first thing about enjoy, you would not be ripping Oliver clear of his family.

Oliver: [Talking to his father's tombstone] I did not know how painful It will be to maintain my secrets and techniques. You requested me to avoid wasting town, to correct the wrong.

Oliver: My place is usually that for those who rely upon your match much more than you count on yourself... it'll get you killed.

Sara: That is not true. I wanted to kill Roy due to the fact That is what I do. Which is who I'm. I put in 6 many years inside the darkness And that i appeared in the eyes of your devil and I gave him my soul.

Merlyn: If you have killed 503 people including your very own son, you are likely not to bother with scales, and don't convey to me it won't stop the discomfort and it is not going to convey her back again because you Do not comprehend!

Felicity: Well, we've presently exhausted each individual subject matter that just one would Ordinarily mention on a first date, and a 2nd date, and a 3rd date, and each date basically. And I've currently viewed check here you shirtless. Various times. Shirtless on a regular basis.

Oliver: Perfectly, Completely practically nothing, in case you ignore the revolving door you men installed Therefore the negative guys can come and go since they remember to.

Felicity: Just in case you haven't noticed, I am not most ladies and I do not will need this. Or else you. Or any of this.

Felicity: Don't be concerned, he is kidding. How is this any diverse from Once your mom shot you and you came to me for assistance?

Felicity: Very little. It is just - you went above there to acquire all Grrr. Cease currently being undesirable or I am going to arrow you. And now you ought to rescue him?

Felicity: This sort of lead? [displays him the DNA results revealing he includes a son] He didn't know what he was providing me. But I have operate ample exams on your own blood to recognize your DNA sequence everywhere.

Diggle: Oliver, if you continue to did not have emotions for this girl, you would have adopted a unique Answer than permitting her extort you into killing another person.

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